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We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality service available. If a full program customer does experience a problem within our control, our team of trained professionals will work to resolve the matter. Period.

The TruGreen Company leads in the development of new technology for lawn and landscape care. Substantial resources are devoted to evaluating new products and equipment and developing better methods for taking care of grass, trees, and shrubs. Our affiliation with the industry leader gives us access to training, products, and technology beyond the scope of most locally based lawn care businesses.

The TruGreen organization has also taken an active leadership role in developing and supporting sound environmental practices and regulatory policies. We are committed to sustainable and responsible practices and products, and have established our own set of environmental stewardship principles.

Ongoing training is provided to insure that employees remain current in the use of the latest equipment and production techniques. All lawn specialists are licensed and certified by the State of Minnesota and participate in continuing education in order to maintain that certification.

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Our Specialists

Our training is rigorous and requires annual re-certification, but it ensures that our specialists develop and maintain the expertise to deliver superior lawn and landscape results. After graduation and certification, your TruGreen specialist is prepared to evaluate your lawn using our Healthy Lawn Analysis® and tailor our science-based solutions to meet your lawn’s unique needs throughout every season of the year.